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Grendel Hunter 6mm/6.5mm/.308 Slanted Muzzle Brake (5/8-24)



6.5 / .308

  • Slanted 3 port muzzle brake
  • 5/8-24 thread
  • Length 2.88″  Width 0.98″  Height 0.89″
  • Weight 3.8oz
  • Can be used for 6mm, 6.5mm and .30 caliber
  • Includes jam nut
Quantity Discounts (Applied in Cart)
  • 2-4 Brakes – $3 off each
  • 5-9 Brakes – $5 off each
  • 10+ Brakes – $7 off each
(39 customer reviews)

The Grendel Hunter Slanted Muzzle Brake is designed with performance in mind. The three ports provide the shooter with excellent reduction in felt recoil. In addition, the flat bottom forces escaping gas up and the muzzle down. This compensation for muzzle climb helps keep your rifle on target. Made in America, by Americans with American steel.

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Black Nitride, Stainless

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39 reviews for Grendel Hunter 6mm/6.5mm/.308 Slanted Muzzle Brake (5/8-24)

  1. Evan (verified owner)

    Looks much more polished then depicted. I was going to buff it for a better finnish, but there was no need. It Looks better than I expected right out of the box. High quality and works great, just like everything I have got from this company. Very happy!

  2. Manuel Leon (verified owner)

    It keeps the barrel down when shooting

  3. Michael Wahl (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! This muzzle break completely caught me completely by surprise with how well it works! For the money you can’t beat it. It is perfectly manufactured. Turned my rifle into a completely flat shooting rifle. The rifle was already extremely accurate and all this did was improve my grouping out to 1000 yds. Very impressed and will buy more.

  4. Merlin (verified owner)

    The slanted muzzle break is an exceptional piece of equipment and is a significant identification to the Grendel Hunter.