22″ Fluted 6mm ARC Barrel – Stainless


  • 22″ Fluted 6mm ARC Stainless – Satern/Liberty
  • Medium Contour
  • 1-7.5 Twist 5R Rifling
  • Rifle Length Gas
  • 5/8×24 Threads
  • .750 Diameter at Gas Shoulder
  • 6mm ARC Chamber
  • 2lb 7oz
(5 customer reviews)

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5 reviews for 22″ Fluted 6mm ARC Barrel – Stainless

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    Nice barrel. 3/4″ groups at 2890 fps w/ 90gr ELD-X.

  2. ugly24x7 (verified owner)

    Purchased the 20″ about a year ago and like the accuracy of the round with these barrels so I decided I wanted to get a little more from the round and lighten up the rifle at the same time in getting the 22″ fluted barrel. As with all three purchases from Grendel Hunter I was not disappointed in the sub-MOA performance. Excellent bang for the buck as they say! The only downside I can think of is the fluting is a rough.

  3. Nick (verified owner)

    Good shooting barrel and nice fit and finish. I decided to try this barrel due to having a 22” Wilson Combat 6.5 grendel barrel that I consistently shoot tight groups at 400 and 500 yards with. It was hard finding a 22” 6mm arc barrel. This barrel shoots close to the same. Only think I would change is the profile. This barrel is a pittle lighter profile than the Wilson CombT super sniper – which is great for hunting if carrying rifle a lengthy distance. However, I would like to have the same barrel, but slightly heavier profile, matching the Wilson Combat Super Sniper, for shooting steel at distance, and for still hunting.

  4. Justin (verified owner)

    Awesome barrel, especially at the price point. Shoots 1/2 moa with a thermal and the 18″ is putting out one hole/ clover leaf groups.

  5. Mike (verified owner)

    I shopped around and couldn’t really find a better barrel in this price range. I did some research on Saturn barrels and found them to be of high quality with positive feedback. The fit and finish was very good and everything checked out. Grendel Hunter was quick to respond to questions and shipping was quick.